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Estate Sale Services- Frequently Asked Questions

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First Steps for Owners/Estate Representatives to Know:

  1. "One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure" therefore we encourage you to please do not throw anything out!!!!! What might be trash to you could very well be of a greater value to a picker.

  2. Don't donate until you meet with us. In most every situation is pays to liquidate then donate. If a donation is needed we will make that donation for you and hand you the receipt for your tax records.

  3. One of the most important steps before we come on board is to identify and remove items from the sale that you and/or your immediate family may want to keep. It is important they are removed from the premises ensuring that our inventory matches what we actually will sell for you

What does Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services provide?
We are a full circle service company, who will research, inventory, organize, price, advertise and open the sale to the public.  We will manage and organize your sale to optimize both the financial and sentimental value of your possessions. Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services can handle any and every job.

What is the process of an estate sale?
Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services will take care of everything! Our team will inventory your items (if applicable) and will research the best way to sell specialty items and professionally appraise rare items when needed. We will stage the contents in a professional manner and price items with appropriate specific pricing tags. All items are arranged on draped tables, jewelry cases and curio cabinets and/or shelving. Typically sales run three days - Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Do you think my stuff is worth selling?
Items for sell do not have to be Antiques, collectibles or high-end items. Fact is, the small items and lower priced items sell better and quicker than most anything else. We do sell everything except chemicals so whatever you have we will get it sold to someone at some price.

This place looks like a hoarder lived here what can you do?
Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services has a specialized team experienced in organizing estates with large inventories. All items are gone through and categorized, then cleaned and staged for a profitable successful sale.

How will you advertise my estate sale?
We will utilize our website and,, Our private mailing list and other social media platforms to advertise your estate sale, featuring items with descriptions and photos. Our extensive customer mailing list, local newspapers, and professional directional signage will maximize traffic flow to your sale. Our advertising avenues enables Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services multiple possibilities at gaining the highest possible return on your investment.

What is your commission?
Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services charges a flat rate commission on the gross sale of the proceeds. Carolina Estate Sales & Auction Services never charges upfront fees. Additionally we offer a lower commission rate on items such as Autos, Boats, RV’s, High End Jewelry and more. To get an exact quote for your sale call us (864) 609-4343 for a no commitment, no cost, in home consultation to discuss your specific needs.